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Established in 1988 and originally named “The Classic Cake”, and to this day still wholly South Australian owned and manufactured it was soon on supermarket shelves in Australia.

Our History

In the early 90’s the first export shipment of 8000 cakes was off to the UK and Tesco Supermarkets. In 1997 the name was changed from ‘Classic’ to ‘Australian Celebration Cake’ and the tag line “A taste of Australian Sunshine” was added to the packs alongside a new label. Since then The Yummy Kitchen Co has exported its uniquely Australian cakes to New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, and the UAE.

In Australia, its customer base is fiercely loyal. Regular requests from customers made The Yummy Kitchen Co realise that the Cake could be enjoyed year round, not just at Christmas and in 2001 the first container of Cakes was shipped to the UK for Easter.

An Australian Classic

Ideal as a self-indulgent treat, added as an accompaniment to a cheese or fruit platter or as a unique gift to show someone just how much you value them, Native Indulgence cakes can be enjoyed all year round. Native Indulgence Australian Celebration Cake are what its original name was a” CLASSIC”. Try a slice today and taste for yourself that “Australian Sunshine” and see what all the fuss is about.

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